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Adelaide Building Inspections with Pre-Spec Pty Ltd

Adelaide building inspections by experienced licensed builders – supervisors, who prepare and provide professional reports to above and beyond the Australian standard requirements, all within 24 hours of service. Pre-Spec Pty Ltd are Adelaide’s building inspection specialists. They have over 30 years building and construction experience. They commit to a national code of ethics with their inspections and reports. Their professional building technicians, complete inspections without fear or favour.

Licenced builders – supervisors with actual building and supervising experience: Builders – Supervisors licence BLD203514. You will receive a professional quality building inspection and report, exceeding the national standards and requirements. We are open and transparent and we stand behind our experience. Feel free to ask as many questions as you wish and check our credentials for yourself:

Pre Purchase Inspection

We specialise in pre-purchase building inspections and commit to a national code of ethics. Our inspectors are professional, unbiased and objective.

Structural Inspection

Detailed inspection providing information on the condition of the structural adequacy only. Our inspectors are licensed building supervisors.

Construction Inspection

A construction or staged inspection ensure that the construction is proceeding in accordance with the stamped approved documentation.

Dilapidation Inspection

An independent, documented record of the existing building condition for future reference. Best to complete prior to adjacent work starting.

Pre-Spec Pty Ltd - Adelaide Building Inspections - Our Processes

Our building inspections start before we arrive on location. In the office we will have already checked the location, soil classification, building aspect, slope, orientation, vegetation, fire assessment, prevailing wind and adjoining properties, as some or all of these factors can affect the structure in various ways and ultimately your investment decision.

As we get closer to the site, we start to pay particular attention to adjoining buildings and/or structures noting anything of interest i.e. similar builds, building defects, adjoining properties and the like. Once we’re on site we have a set procedure that we follow meticulously and methodically, taking as much time as necessary. We do not overbook inspections and rush through properties, ticking boxes and provide you with a glossy folder full of gobbledygook. That’s not what we are about.

It is our intention to provide you with the highest quality service possible. We aim to exceed the Australian standard in building inspections wherever and whenever possible and ultimately, provide you with the relevant information you need to make a rational, informed investment decision.

Professional Building Inspections for Adelaide CBD and Surrounding Suburbs

Professional building inspections are a must do when buying, selling, building, investing and or renovating in Adelaide. Why? Property is one of the most expensive assets you will ever own. When you are about to buy, sell, renovate or build, you want to know as much information as you possibly can about the building and its condition, before proceeding with contracts and payments.

Pre-Spec Pty Ltd have professional building inspectors. They are experienced and licensed building supervisors, who offer extensive construction and local knowledge. Trust us when we say you cannot judge a book by its cover and not all houses and buildings are the same. Our building inspectors use a combination of knowledge, expertise and the latest technology, including thermal imaging, to provide comprehensive reports, which comply with national building inspection standards.

We will empower you to invest with confidence and peace of mind. We specialise in pre-purchase building inspections, but provide a range of other services including structural inspections, construction inspections, dilapidation inspections, investigative fault finding and supervision for owner builder.

Pre-Spec Pty Ltd is a professional company with the personal touch. You are welcome to attend at the end of an inspection, to receive direct feedback. If this is not viable, we will call you immediately after the inspection to provide a quick verbal assessment, followed up with a comprehensive written and photographic report within 24 hours, which will also be explained in a follow up phone call.

When choosing a building inspector to complete your requirements, there are three very important questions you should ask and these are:

  1. How much experience does the building inspector conducting my inspection have? (not the company who sent the inspector out).
  2. What qualifications does the building inspector who will be conducting my inspection have?
  3. Can you tell me more about the building inspector who will be conducting my inspection i.e. what is the building inspectors license number and actual license classification.

We recommend you ask the above questions. Also, ask to speak to the actual Building Inspector who will be conducting your inspection, not the sales person who will provide you with a glossy folder. Your investment is a major decision and will be partly based on the outcome of the inspection and report, you want to know it’s from an expert who is qualified, experienced and licensed to complete the work you have contracted them to undertake to a standard you should expect.

We stand behind our experience. We are open and transparent. Our license is: BLD203514 Feel free to ask us as many questions as you wish and check our credentials for yourself:

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